International Environment

International Environment

01Education for a global society

In recent years, the globalization of Japan’s food and beverage industry has progressed rapidly. According to a study by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Japan ranked 15th in the world in 2016 in terms of countries with the highest number of foreign visitors, but rose to 12th in 2019, ranking 4th in Asia. Also, demands for enjoying “Japanese taste” and “Japanese hospitality” called OMOTENASHI, is increasing overseas as well. In the future, the food and beverage industry will require more personnel with a rich international sense. Our school actively accepts international students and course students from overseas as well as trainees from academic affairs partner schools, in order to develop chefs and pâtissiers who can work in a global society. By interacting with students from other countries and being exposed to diverse values, students expand their own values and acquire rich sensitivities and high communication skills.

02International exchange with the expanding global culinary world

For over 20 years, our school has been focusing on building good relationships with international culinary training schools and the culinary world. In recent years, we formed academic affairs partnerships with the Tourism Hotel Restaurant Vocational Education Campus, an association organization made up of 12 training schools in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France in in 2019, and with the Libreville Continental in Gabon, Africa in 2021. Each year there are many opportunities for international exchange such as accepting international students from our partner schools and special classes taught by special instructors!

03Enjoy an international feel on campus

At our school, in addition to Japanese students, classmates also include foreign students who are aiming for a chef’s license. Also, through our partnership with the Paul Bocuse Institute, we welcome international students from all over the world who take a six-month training course at our school every year. Additionally, short-term and mid-term trainees and one-year course students accepted from our partners all learn about Japanese cuisine and Japanese food culture. There are many opportunities to learn with like-minded students and go out together after school, on weekends and make international friends while staying in Japan. For students who are interested, we also offer the opportunity to take a study trip to France and participate in short-term training at our affiliated schools in France. After graduation, students can take long-term training as a chef or pâtissier in the kitchen of a top-class restaurant. Every day at our school you can experience interaction with people from many different cultures, a great opportunity to develop a rich international sense.

04Study trip to France (all interested students)

Every year a study trip to France is open to all who are interested. Participants will visit prestigious restaurants, chocolatiers, specialty stores, wineries, and other food producers in the Nice area in southern France. Students can also take demonstration classes from working chefs. The tour also includes visits to places of interest and museums around Nice and Monaco to polish your skills, knowledge, and sensibilities.

05Short-term overseas study in France (Few selected students)

Interviews with Short-term overseas study students

Sakura Nakano (graduate of Muroran Tosho High School)
2020 overseas training/short-term overseas study participant
Host/ National Paul Ogier College of Tourism and Culinary Arts in Nice, Franc

I was able to gain valuable experience by actually studying in France.

I was interested in French cuisine and decided to study abroad because I wanted to not only learn about authentic French cuisine but also the differences in culture and customs. I would like to take this opportunity to reexamine myself, actively absorb various things and grow. My future goal is to become the most attentive chef in Japan. For that I always try to pay attention to my surroundings and think about what I can do to help others.

06Long-term overseas study in France (Few selected students)

Interviews with Long-term overseas study students

Tomohiro Matsumoto (graduate of Hokkaido Date Midorigaoka High School)
2015 long-term overseas study participant
Host/ La Chevre D’or, Eze, France/Pâtisserie

Going on this overseas study made me think even more about cooking.

Originally, I majored in Japanese cuisine but wanted to refine my knowledge and skills without being limited to one field. I learned a lot from the chef at Le Mas Candille, where I studied, including the use of Japanese ingredients and seasonings in French cuisine. And I was reminded once again of the wonders of cooking that delights both in appearance and taste. I also want to become a chef who can impress customers with cooking and make them happy.

07Main hosts for long-term overseas study in France

All of the hosts of the long-term overseas training programs are top-notch restaurants renowned worldwide. Learn world-class techniques under the direct guidance of chefs who are at the forefront of the French culinary world.

A five-star luxury resort hotel with a 140-year history.

A two Michelin-starred restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

A prestigious restaurant full of southern France cordiality
Japanese お問い合わせバナー