Career Opportunities

About Employment

List of major employers in the past 5 years (as of March 2020)

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel/ Wakasaimo Honpo/ Taiyo Group Restaurant Grand Porte/ Hotel New Oji/ Nada Man(Japanese Restaurant)/ WSB Yakitori Dining Taachan/ Pullman Bakery/ Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu Pan Pacific Hotel Yokohama/ Hokkai Land & Building/ Grand Auberge Hokkai/ Brasam Trattoria Le Miele/ Kashoutei Hanaya/ MMP Co./ Special Nursing Home Enrumu Heights/ Andre Pachon Restaurant Le Petit Bedon/ HRT New Otani Hotel New Otani Sapporo/ M&S Wakana/ Marukoma Hot Spring Lakeside Villa Suimeikaku/ Noguchi Sightseeing Co./ Muroran Prince Hotel/ Angelique Hirosaki/ Yumoto Yukomanso/ Medical Corporation Ueda Hospital Kusunoki Products Hokkaido/ Kitano Ranpu-Tei/ Chinese Restaurant Jan Jan/ Medical Corporation Senjukai Sanai Hospital/ Fuji Industries Date Red Cross Hospital/ The Windsor Hotel International/ Akan Grand Hotel/ LEOC North Japan/ Best Planning Co./ Care Communications Co./ Ueno Crescent/ Daiichi Takimotokan/ GranVista Hotels & Resorts Sapporo Park Hotel/ Noguchi Sightseeing Co. Sekisuitei/ etc.

List of Main Employment Opportunities after Long-term overseas study (as of March 2020)

Michel Bras TOYA Japon (Toyako Town)/ Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay (Tokyo)/ Le Petit Bedon (Tokyo)/ Lapin Foods Moliere (Sapporo)/ Hotel New Oji (Tomakomai)/ Coconut Island (Muroran/ self-employed)/ KKR Hotel Sapporo (Sapporo) etc.

List of Major Hosts of Study in France (as of March 2020)

5-star hotel, “Le Mas Candille”/ Restaurant “Le Castellaras”/ 5-star hotel, “Hôtel du Cap –Eden-Roc”/ 2-star restaurant, “L’Oasis”/ 1-star restaurant, “Le Moulin de Mougins”/ etc.

Students and Alumni Voices

Aiming to be a chef that can empathize with the people who eat my food.

Authent Hotel Otaru

Class of 2021
Phan Van Vu

The teachers are very enthusiastic and if there was something I didn’t know or understand, they told me right away. At the “Challenge Shop”, we students were responsible for everything from menu development to cooking and customer service. I was able to experience many things like running restaurants. I felt glad I enrolled in this school. I am working hard to become a chef who can not only cook delicious food, but also consider the feelings of the customers who eat it.

The two years of intense learning has been useful in my current job.

Hillside Club Geihinkan Sapporo

Class of 2020
(graduate of Hokkaido Date Midorigaoka High School)
Mai Hashimoto

Freshly prepared food at wedding parties is a race against time. It’s encouraging when I can quickly, beautifully arrange a dessert, or when the guests like a dessert I’ve come up with. The basic skill of “report, communicate, consult” I learned during my overseas training is so useful in my work. I’m able to talk to people without hesitation even when I meet them for the first time thanks to my experience communicating with broken English and gestures when I was overseas, where I couldn’t speak the language. Two years is a short time. Ask questions and take notes even if for the smallest things, and do your best to look and instantly remember everything the teacher does.

Communication skills cultivated through practical training. I wish to grow as a person.

Sushi Tokami Ginza

Class of 2006
(graduate of Muroran Tosho High School)
Shota Oda

I’m the manager of a one Michelin-starred sushi restaurant in Ginza. I find it rewarding and fun to always think about how to make our customers enjoy their meals and to respond to their requests. While attending school, I had the opportunity to interact with people of various ages through practical training, and the communication skills I polished there are also useful when serving customers at the counter. Talks from experienced teachers were also very helpful. I want to grow not only as a chef but also as a person so that I can win the hearts of as many customers as possible.

Delicious food that brightens up your time at bars with awareness of food trends.

Sapporo Grand Hotel Loung Bar “Old Saloon 1934”

Class of 2003
(graduated of Hokkaido Nakashibetsu High School)
Hitomi Itagaki

It’s been 18 years since I started working at the hotel I’d always dreamed of working at. Currently, I’m in charge of preparing and serving food such as hors d’oeuvres at the lounge bar. Because it’s a bar, working hours are late, but our small team is a spirited place to work in. In cuisine there are trends, so it’s important not only to polish your skills but also gather information. I’m still learning every day. When I was in charge of the open kitchen, I was encouraged many times by customers who remembered me and said, “the food was delicious”. I aim to further improve myself without forgetting the chef mindset I learned during my student days and the future chef I once aspired to be.

Japanese お問い合わせバナー